User Agreement

1. General provisions

1.1. This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) applies to the site located at
1.2. This Agreement regulates the relationship between the Administration and the User of this Site.
1.3. The Administration of the site reserves the right to change, add or delete paragraphs of this Agreement at any time without notifying the User.
1.4. The User is personally responsible for checking this Agreement for changes in it.
1.5. Use of the Site by the User means acceptance of the Agreement and amendments made to this Agreement in full, without any reservations or exceptions.
1.6. If the User does not agree with the Agreement or its changes, he/she is obliged to stop using the services of the Site.

2. Definitions of terms

2.1. The following terms have the following meanings for the purposes of this Agreement:
2.1.1. “Site” – an Internet resource located at the domain name, which operates through the Internet resource and its associated services.
2.1.1. “Site Administration” – authorized employees to manage the Site, who organize and (or) carry out the processing of personal data, as well as determines the purpose of processing of personal data, the composition of personal data to be processed, the actions (operations) performed with personal data.
2.1.2. “Website User” (hereinafter referred to as the User) is a person who has access to the Site via the Internet and uses the Site.

3. Subject of the agreement

3.1. The subject of this Agreement is to provide the User with access to the information contained on the Site and / or services provided.
3.1.1. The Site provides the User with the following services:
– access to sample resumes at no charge
– access to the resume builder with the ability to compose and open (download) a PDF file with a resume containing the logo and/or watermark of the Site at no charge
– access to download a PDF file with the resume without a logo and/or a watermark of the Site on a paid basis
3.2. All the services of the Site currently functioning, as well as any of their subsequent modifications, are subject to this Agreement.
3.3. The use of materials and services of the Site is governed by the norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

4. Rights and obligations of the parties

4.1. The site administration has the right to:
4.1.1. Restrict the User’s access to the Site in case he/she violates the terms of this Agreement.
4.1.2. Change the cost of site services. Changes in the cost will not apply to Users who have already paid for the services.
4.1.3. Change the terms of use of the Website and the content of this Website. Changes come into force from the date of publication of the new version of the Agreement on the Website.

4.2. The User has the right to:
4.2.1. Use all the services available on the Site.
4.2.2. Use the look herecoque de telephone personnaliséphone caseelf bar nikotin Site only for the purposes and in the manner prescribed by the Agreement and not prohibited by the laws of the Russian Federation.

4.3. The user is not allowed to:
4.3.1. Disrupt the proper functioning of the Site.
4.3.2 Gain unauthorized access to the functions or services of the Site, as well as any other systems or networks related to this Site.
4.3.3. Try to obtain information about any other User of the Site.

5. Use of the site

5.1. The site is owned and operated by the Site Administration.
5.2. The content of the Site may not be copied, published, reproduced, transmitted or distributed in any way, or posted on the global Internet without the prior written consent of the Site Administration.
5.3. The content of the Site is protected by copyright, trademark law, as well as other rights related to intellectual property and unfair competition law.

6. Responsibility

6.1. The site administration is not responsible for:
6.1.1. Delays or failures in the process of the transaction caused by force majeure, as well as any case of failure in telecommunications, computer, electrical and other related systems.
6.1.2. Actions of transfer systems, banks, payment systems and for delays related to their work.

7. Dispute resolution

7.1. In the event of any disagreements or disputes between the Parties to this Agreement, a claim (written proposal for voluntary dispute resolution) shall be a mandatory condition before going to court.
7.2. The recipient of the claim, within 30 calendar days from the date of its receipt, shall notify the claimant in writing of the results of consideration of the claim.
7.3. If the dispute cannot be resolved voluntarily, either Party may apply to court for protection of its rights, which are granted to it by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

8. Additional terms

8.1. All suggestions or questions under this Agreement should be sent to or via the feedback form.

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