Analysis and control of ERP systems security

A comprehensive solution for control and analysis of ERP systems security.

Resolved tasks

01 Control and security analysis of SAP platforms: AS ABAP, AS JAVA, BO
02 SAP HANA security analysis
03 ABAP code analysis
04 1C code analysis
05 XSJS code analysis
06 XAML code analysis
07 JS code analysis
08 Python code analysis
09 Integrity control of application software of multi-user automated systems based on the SAP platform
10 Registration of events of access to information with limited access: trade secrets, personal data and critical information
11 Monitoring of SAP systems security

Stack of technologies

Main works

Gathering and analysis of customer requirements
Functional testing
Commissioning and acceptance testing
Finding vulnerabilities in SAP systems
Analysis of the SAP platform by engaging penetration testing
Creating customized code analysis scripts
Creating customized security checks of SAP systems
Analysis of systems for compliance with the recommendations of SAP AG experts regarding important actions and fixes to ensure the security of SAP systems

Other solutions

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