Cryptography and certification center

Means of cryptographic protection of information for use in electronic document flow by internal corporate services, state executive bodies and to ensure legally significant cross-border exchange of documents.

Resolved tasks

01 The whole range of public key infrastructure works
02 Support CAdES, PAdES, XAdES and other formats
03 Providing all NIST testing activities
04 Compliance with 63 Federal Law of the Russian Federation and FSB orders 795, 796, 31
05 Terminal and embedded e-signature solutions
06 Trusted third-party and archival storage services
07 CS1 and CS2 FSB Class Certificates
08 Support almost all domestic operating systems

Stack of technologies

Main works

Gathering and analysis of functional and non-functional requirements
Coordination with the customer and planning of the development work
Iterative development involving the customer and third-party experts
Prototyping, testing and acceptance of work results
Implementation, documentation and technical support of the product

Other solutions

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