IT Infrastructure Control, Vulnerabilities and Compliance

Configuration management, security validation, and vulnerability detection system. A comprehensive IT infrastructure protection solution that includes configuration management, configuration security validation, and vulnerability detection. Advanced control of network devices, firewalls, OS, DBMS, SCADA, and virtualization environments.

Resolved tasks

01 Control of changes in hardware configurations
02 Checking configurations for compliance with security standards
03 Creation of custom security checks with easy-to-use tools
04 Identification of software vulnerabilities in hardware
05 Maintaining a database of vulnerabilities from official sources
06 Analysis of firewalls in terms of optimization rules
07 Checking rules for compliance with zone analysis rules
08 Collecting Netflow, sFlow traffic statistics
09 APCS equipment control
10 Visualization of network infrastructure on the map
11 Incident notification via mail, Syslog

Stack of technologies

Main works

Gathering and analysis of customer requirements
Support 60+ product lines
Backend development in C++, C#
Equipment control analytics
Monitoring of network equipment, firewalls, virtualization and operating systems
Automated functional testing on supported platforms
Maintaining a knowledge database of the solution

Other solutions

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