Security Automation

Automation system for information security departments. The system offers monitoring control tools for seven information security processes, and performs data collection and aggregation from various related systems.

Resolved tasks

01 Control of compliance with information security requirements
02 Categorization and classification of protected objects
03 Data collection and information processing about incidents and emergency situations
04 Threat and vulnerability management
05 Maintenance of information security documentation
06 Proceed and control implementation of measures to ensure information security
07 Education of personnel on information security issues
08 Integration with various services and systems
09 Interaction with the top-level information security management system

Stack of technologies

Main works

Development of business application architecture
Implementation of business process requirements using the low-code platform
Backend-development of an integration subsystem on .Net5
Code review
Functional and load testing
Production of operational and technical documentation
Maintaining a knowledge database of the solutions

Other solutions

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