Protection of information resources of workstations and servers

Сomplex, that protects information resources from unauthorized access, both from the moment the workstations and servers are turned on, and after the operating system is loaded.

Resolved tasks

01 Protection against unauthorized access during the device boot phase
02 Boot blocking for non-standard operating systems
03 Control of connection and output of information to USB drives
04 Two-Factor authentication tools management
05 Centralized deployment of components
06 Creation of a stations safety management hierarchy
07 Collection of audit data to an external centralized storage
08 Compliance with the information security requirements of the Russian Federation regulator main works

Stack of technologies

Main works

Gathering and analysis of customer requirements
Designing UI interaction with the user in accordance with UX
Creation of hierarchical control mechanisms in enterprise networks
Automated functional testing on supported platforms
Vulnerability analysis, statistical analysis, fuzzing testing of developed components
Implementation of mechanisms to countering unauthorized user actions
Writing software documentation

Other solutions

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